Restoring old copies of a data base

I have a couple of data bases in Panorama X in which I have programed in several procedures. Evidently, one of them was incorrect because it erased a fair amount of data. I would like to restore an older copy of those data bases. When I try to use the “Revert To” in the File pull-down menu, one of two things happens. Either the program crashes immediately, or I click on a date and then restore before it crashes. What do I need to do to restore my data bases? Where are the copies stored. Thanks for any and all help!

Revert is a macOS feature, and macOS stores the older copies in an undisclosed location. I can tell you that it is not store as part of the file itself - if you copy the file to another drive or another computer, the old versions are lost. I’m not sure, I think even renaming the file may break the connection.

If you are using Time Machine, you might have better luck with grabbing an old version with that.

There is a retired author/programmer named Howard Oakley that has done a lot of study of macOS and written a bunch of free utitlities. One of his utilities will allow you to manually access old versions of macOS documents.

I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the utility, and he has a LOT of them, but I know that it does exist.