"Restore" function under the File menu not working

I worked with several of my newly converted Pan6->PanX databases and noticed that everything is saved without asking me if I want to save, when closing a window. This is not a bad feature but different than expected. There is a Restore function in the File menu but it is not working properly for me.

Also, although “Save As” is still possible you need to first hold down the “Option” key. Why not just leave “Save As” as a full time menu option.


With the exception of “Restore”, everything you are describing is standard behavior for modern macOS programs, as defined by Apple user interface guidelines. You are correct that this is different than Panorama 6 – Panorama 6 is definitely does NOT follow modern Apple guidelines. From now on, Panorama X will follow Apple guidelines.

There is no “Restore” command – did you mean “Revert”? That should come up with an interface that is a lot like Time Machine. You can then pick any previous version to restore. This does work, though recently I came across a display bug that can sometimes occur that I will need to track down. Also, I am considering adding a Revert to Last Saved command that will revert immediately to that version without bothering to go thru the “time machine” interface, much as Panorama 6 did.

Yes, it is Revert, not Restore. And I do understand that the Mac OS is going away from the “Save As” command.

Yes, I do get the Time Machine-like interface. When I select the previous page or two behind then click on the Revert button I get a screen blink of sorts then the exact same page shows up that I was working on and not the page I selected to Revert to.


That’s probably the display problem I mentioned. For now, you can get the display to update by opening another view (a form or procedure), closing the data sheet, then re-opening the data sheet.