Requesting help after a bad decision

I’m working on a MacBook Pro running a new version of 10.14.2 which was recently installed after I had my disk wiped clean (long story) I thought I had made a full and complete backup of everything, I remember seeing it but needless to say its gone. I’ve been a user of Inview/Stockview for close to 15 years and I’m wondering if and how to go about resurrecting Inview/Stockview from an older backup (2-3 months old)? What choices of Panorama do I have? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Drag the entire (latest) folder of your InView/StockView files onto your computer - best is to your Documents folder.

Reinstall Panorama 6.

You will have to click OK once after every restart of the computer when you launch Panorama to confirm that you know it’s not optimized for Mojave.

James, thanks. I was only able to find Panorama 4 in my backups. Is that workable or do I need to have 6? No problem if I need to repurchase.



Panorama 4 won’t run on any computer that runs Mojave. If you currently have a license for 6, you should be able to reinstall without purchasing a new license.

Dave, thanks, I’m guessing 6 is still available on the site?


Yes. Go to

Read the material at that site carefully. There are multiple issues to be dealt with installing and registering it on a recent OS.