Report with arbitrary number of records


Is there a way to make a nice looking report that allows for several sections of arbitrary numbers of records to be displayed and printed?

The number if records could possibly all fit on one page, or may span several (hundred?) pages.

And, there would be multiple “sections” to the report … each of which could have their own “arbitrary” number of items/records.l

I’ve looked at tiles … and they should work.
(definitely for “headers” and “footers” and stuff like that)
but, it appears to be “limited” to 9 pages …

maybe there’s a good place to learn about generating reports in panorama. :slight_smile:


That limit applies to the number of pages that can be printed from a single record. For example, suppose you have a database of tax returns, with one tax return per record. Each return might have multiple pages that need to be printed (actually the limit was recently increased to 25 pages - I wonder where you got the value 9, I just checked and the documentation has been updated - did I miss a spot?).

I don’t think printing multiple pages per record is what you are asking for.

A report can print whatever you have selected. I’m not really sure what you mean by “arbitrary numbers of records”

It sounds like you might benefit from starting from the beginning with how Panorama report printing works. This page is the “root” of the documentation for report printing.

The only way you can divide up a report is by using summary records. I’m not sure that fits your repeated mentioning of “arbitrary” though. You could add a field for section numbers, and then group by section number.

It sounds like you might want new sections to start on a new page. Panorama 6 could start each group at the top of a new page, but Panorama X does not yet support that.

You might just want to generate several PDF files with the printtopdf statement, then use an external tool to “glue” the PDF files together (there are shell tools that can do that).

It appears to me that you’re actually describing multiple reports being combined into one: a “section” with one set of records and another “section” with a different set of records.

Every time a Panorama form is printed, it applies the layout using the selected set of records. To print sections using different records, you’ll need to resort to formulas and/or variables to isolate the different sets of records.

I suspect that’ll be tough to put together successfully.

If I’ve understood your objective, you’re probably not going to use one Panorama form expanded to use multiple pages. You’d select a set of records and print a “section”. Then select another set of records and print the applicable “section” and so on. The beginning “section” could have the addition of the report header that starts the overall collection and the form for the last page can include the closing parts.

This can all be put together in a procedure to select specified sets of records, open and print a form, then select another set of records, open and print a form and so on.

Hi Jim,

This is a very astute observation:

And breaking it into multiple forms/reports is exactly what I’ll be doing … followed by combining them into one, comprehensive/final report. (I just needed to “talk this one out” … :slight_smile: )

Thanks! :wink:

– Mark