Report tiles don't display as advertised

Continuing my quest for the good-looking invoice layout, I tried Report Tile Objects, only to encounter more problems.

When I do as instructed in the Automatic Mailing Label Construction page of the Help wizard and switch to data entry mode, I get this:

which is not what I expected.

What were you expecting? That looks like a mailing label with data other than name, address, city, state, zip, etc.

Remember, if you are entering data, you cannot be using View as List.

I think that you just want fields in spreadsheet form going across the page. That would not be a mailing label.

That’s the data mode in the screen shot - the tiles should not be visible and the field values should be displayed for all selected records.

That is not how tiles work. Tiles are mostly for printing. Do a Print Preview for that form, and you will see what it looks like when it is printed, but it will not look like that on the screen. This was true in Panorama 6 and earlier, too.

If you want more than one record to display, it needs to be a View as List form.

This is something you are going to have to get used to: You will usually need different forms for data entry and data display, and maybe several forms for displaying in different ways.

You could put together a mock-up of how you want the page to look when you are entering data, and how you want it to display, and maybe we can help you.

You are absolutely correct - it’s so long since I set up tiles that I’d forgotten how they displayed.

Thanks for the kind offer Bruce but I have dredged the long-lost memories from the nether regions of my brain and I’m now cookin’ with gas.