Report Tile Data Page 2

I am trying to create a 2 page form that will print cleanly. I created the form as a one page without a report tile and it prints fine. But when I created a form that required 2 pages of printing I added a “Data” report tile to page one and a “Data (page 2)” report tile to page 2 of the form. When I try to print, preview one record or print one record all of those options cause the rainbow wheel of death and I have to force quit Panorama. Is there another way to create a 2 page form for printing in Pan X or am I doing something incorrectly?

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When you use tiles, you have to put your data cells (usually Text Editor objects) inside the data tile. Text labels would go into a Header tile.

You find information about that in Panorama X Help > View-As-List-Forms.

All of the elements from the form are on top of or within the tile. Here is a screen shot of the Graphics mode of the form so you can see. Am I not allowed to have a matrix in a report tile?

Was there ever an answer to this question? I am having the same problem. In a similarly laid out form that works perfectly in Panorama 6, I am getting a spinning wheel in Panorama X that never stops spinning.

After more testing, I am finding that I can only print what is on one data tile at a time with a form. An overflow tile is ok, but a second data tile causes the spinning wheel. I thought it was because I was printing a matrix on each data tile, but it turns out that any multiple data tile report causes the spinning wheel. Will this be fixed soon?

No I never got an answer. I did a work around and created a second form for the second page of data. This is ok for now for me but it is not very dynamic. So even though it sucks for you I’m glad I’m not crazy and that this is happening to someone else also.