Report Preferences

I need to print grouped records on separate pages. In Pan6 I used report preferences to skip to the next page after a summary. In other words, if Group 1 only had one record it printed on page 1 (along with the name of the department in a text object positioned at the top of a backdrop tile), if Group 2 had only 3 records it started and ended on page 2, if Group 3 had 15 records, they started on page 3 & ended on page 4, etc. I use the following report tiles: Header, Data, Footer, Backdrop, Summary. This worked fine in Pan6, but I can’t get it to work in PanX.

Here’s my procedure:
alert 1013, “This procedure will take a few minutes to run, do you want to continue?”
If info(“DialogTrigger”) contains “No” stop endif
If info(“DialogTrigger”) contains “Yes”
Field «RMAN»
Field “New Org Name”
Field AmendmentNumber
Select AmendmentNumber=theamendnumber
OpenForm “Form TSL 122”
printtopdf dbsubfolder(" PDFs RetentionSchedule")+"/"+(“3 Amendments”)+"/"+" Amendment “+theamendnumber+”.pdf", “orientation”,“landscape”
openanything dbsubfolder(" PDFs RetentionSchedule")+"/"+(“3 Amendments”)+"/"+" Amendment “+theamendnumber+”.pdf"

Using the procedure above, my records are selected and summarized OK, but printing continues on the same page rather than going to the next page at the end of the summary. Some of my reports are only about 100 pages long (in Pan6) while others are over 1,800 pages long. I hope I explained this well enough… thanks for any suggestions.

Sorry, that option isn’t currently available in Panorama X.

Thanks Jim, no wonder I couldn’t get it to work. I was thinking about a different approach, but can’t figure out how to make it work. My department works with 276 other university departments. We are required by state law to amend a departments retention schedule when changes occur. Let’s use amendment number 4 as an example… that amendment only involved 57 departments that had changes. It would be nice if I had a procedure that would printtopdf all 57 department amendments with one click. Remember, department 1 may only have 2 changes which would fit on one pdf page, department 2 may have 1 change which also fits on one pdf page, but department 3 may have 15 changes which will need 2 or more pdf pages - depending on the expandable text. In other words, there would be 57 named pdf’s (one for each individual department, in a named folder, I already have the folder path in my procedure. What we do now is enter the amendment number and the department number (that field name is RMAN) in a form window, see pic below, with procedures attached to buttons - and print them to pdf one at a time. I can select all amendment 4 records, groupup by RMAN, Analyze/Outline Level: RMAN to get the 57 departments… but how can I use that RMAN information (downrecord?) in a procedure to printtopdf all 57 departments with one click? This may not be possible but thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks as always…