Report preferences skip to next page

In Pan 6 there was the option in Report Preferences to “After Summary always skip to next page” I can’t seem to find such an option in Pan X. In looking at past posts I see it was not yet implemented in the last post of September 2018.

I need when printing grouped records that the next group starts printing on a new page.This is of utmost importance.

Has it been implemented and if not can someone suggest a workaround? The report is useless if I can’t do this.

This has not yet been implemented and I cannot think of a workaround.

I have made a procedure for something like this for printing out an address book. It literally counts the number of entries in each group and fills the database with empty records so that it skips to the next letter after an even number of pages, so that I could print it in booklet form. It then deletes the empty records. If your entries are the same size, you can work around this way. It will probably be easier now, using the aggregate function.

I’ll give it a try, the database in question needs to print a report of 1 to 3 records per page per group and no more. This could work until such time the feature is restored… (JIM! HINT!!)

Has anyone come up with a simple workaround for this yet? I have many forms that print reports of groups, when the group is done printing in Pan 6 then a new page is started. This loss of yet ANOTHER good feature is aggravating to say the least.

YES, I need this too! (After summary skip to next page). Has it been implemented yet? If not, is there a rough eta?


So far we have two, or possibly three people requesting this feature on this thread. I’m sure there are others that want this also, but probably the number of people this is affecting is in single digits. It is on the list and will get implemented eventually, but it’s not a trivial task so for just a handful of people it is not on the top of the priority list.

I am not at all clear that counting the number of people on the thread who have mentioned that an item affects them will result in anything close to an accurate number, or even doubling that or tripling that.

I believe it is well understood that all of these items have their priority and that we are not voting but merely listening to the status at hand. I am believing that the vast majority know not to raise their hand again if an item has been mentioned as not available and merely sit back, and wait for it to appear. Whining rarely helps. IMHO, this item probably affects most anyone that does do reports and that should be many. This is one of the more handy tools to create well designed reports. But it is not available, why whine. Panorama is a process. It is what it is. We sit back and some apples fall from the tree but many are still growing waiting for their day to fall off.

I have to agree. If the skip was available I already have places I’d have applied it with more coming. I too saw no reason to bring it up but chose to wait silently. If we’re voting, Robert and I just added 2. I’ll vote for overflow handling on printing too.

Another vote, especially for overflow handling, with the proper deference to Jim’s development calendar.

Overflow handling is really missed.

Book publishing is impossible without overflow handling…

The lack of skip to next column has made printing items in columns really difficult. It requires a lot of manual manipulation, so I cannot count on someone else being able to use it if I am not available.

And I can add my need. Robert is right when he writes about why we stay quiet. We all have enormous respect for what you’ve done and what you’re doing and we demonstrate that, in part, by not nagging. We’re another version of the silent majority.

Sorry to disappoint, but overflow printing is probably never coming back. Implementing this feature would require getting down way deep into Apple’s text processing code.

As for “silent majority”, I could probably come up with a list of 50-100 features, and for each of those features several of you would say “that is the most important one”. If everything is top priority then nothing is.

In any case, my answer was in response to the question “is there a rough ETA?”. I suppose I would have just had been better off to say “NO, there is no ETA of any kind” rather than attempting to elaborate.

In terms of a partial work-around, recognizing this has likely already been considered, I just verified that Pages responds to form feeds [chr(12)], so instead of using a report form the user could instead export their desired report data to a text file composed of a series of blocks containing group header info+group data+chr(12). If the file is opened in Pages, each grouping starts on a new page. This won’t work with TextEdit, which ignores the form feed character.