Replacing Double Quotes with a Single Quote in Text Field

I am trying to import a cvs file that has a field that has double quotes embedded in the text as shown below:

CLAMP,4"“37G/CM,3.5"” O.D.,304SS

I need a way to covert the double quotes to a single quote so the result would look like:

CLAMP,4"37G/CM,3.5" O.D.,304SS

I tried using the REPLACE(…) function but cannot figure our how to get a single quote back in. No matter what I try I end up with the double quote.

I’ve tried:


I need to append approximately 100 records per day so I need a good method to update the information in this field after the records are appended to the master file.


replacemultiple( PartDescription, "“:”", ":", ":" )

Thanks Gary but no luck. I’m still getting the double quotes.

That probably means that the double quote is not encoded the way that you are using the the replacemultiple( function. Copy and paste.

True, I think they got converted to smart quotes in the transition. This is how they showed up when copied and pasted:

If they are just simple double quotes then you should be able to make them single quotes using:

arraystrip(PartDescription, {"})

If you want to replace double quotes with single quotes, then this formula would work, too:

replace( PartDescription, '""' , '"')

Since quotes are text markers in Panorama X, you have to surround them with a different set of quotes when you are searching for the quotes themselves.

The arraystrip( worked perfectly.

Thanks to all.