Replacement for SetChanges?

Is there an equivalent statement for PanX?

No, and there won’t be.

Panorama 6 keeps track of the number of changes itself. There’s just a simple integer counter that is bumped every time a change is made, so it’s easy to change the number to any value. This counter is checked during auto-save and when the database is closed, to decide whether the database needs to be saved.

Panorama X uses Apple’s Undo system for tracking changes. Each document keeps track of what Undo actions can be performed. If there is any Undo action available, that means the document has been modified and needs to be saved. You can see this by opening a document and making one change – you’ll see the black dot in the red close circle indicating that the document is “dirty”, i.e. changed. If you then Undo that change, the black dot disappears. More importantly, Apple’s NSDocument class knows whether or not the document needs to be saved or not, which is used for auto-save and to determine whether the document needs to be closed when it is saved.

Bottom line, there is no simple integer value under Panorama’s control for the number of changes. By implementing Apple’s multi-level Undo system in Panorama X, the ability to arbitrarily set the number of changes was lost. I think that was a more than fair tradeoff.

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