Replacement for Expandable Text Display SuperObjects?

In Pan 6 I sometimes used an expandable text display object so when I printed the form, the rows would expand to accommodate the size of the data to be displayed. Is there a way to to that in Pan X?

As mentioned on the Early Release Status page in the help, variable height tiles are on the roadmap, but aren’t implemented yet. There is no workaround at this time, but when that feature is implemented, you won’t have to do anything on your end (assuming you have already checked the Expandable option in either Panorama 6 or X), it will just start working.

Yes… for me, as long as this feature is implemented by early 2018 I’ll be OK. Reason, my database prints a 1,400+ page document to pdf for our university that will be submitted to State Government, approved, certified and signed into law. Variable height is needed in two different columns on the form depending on how a record title is described in one column and any supporting remarks for that same title in a different column.

I had missed that point.

In the meantime, I am planning to export reports to CSV files and format them in Excel. Should work fine; only a couple of extra steps. This might even be preferable in the long run if I can get Excel to do a few things for me.


This is over a year old. Are expandable objects on report tiles any closer? I can create a supposedly expandable object using:

newformobject "TextDisplay","fieldname","Description","expandable",true()

but it turns out not to be expandable when I print the form. Am I doing something wrong or does the “expandable” option not work?

The expandable option does not work yet.