Replace doesn't work in "Text List/Matrix Constructor Template" window

When in the “Text List/Matrix Constructor Template” window, the Find function works well, but Replace doesn’t. When Done is clicked, the apparent changes revert to the original data.

This looks like a bug.

This general problem is already noted in a bug report on Bitbucket.

A note at the end states “These problems most likely occur in any dialog sheet with a text editor.”

Thank you, Gary. What is the Bitbucket link. Any chance the link could be put on the “Help” menu.

Bitbucket is the repository used for Panorama X bugs. Dave Thompson gave the info on this sometime ago on this forum. Here is what he posted:

Submitting Bug Reports
The best place to ask if something is a bug, is this forum. If you are confident that you have found a bug, the best place to submit the bug report is

You will need to sign up for an account. The button for that is in the lower left corner of that page.

32 PM

Before you submit any reports, you should read the Wiki

It’s a bit dated but it contains more information than I am putting in this post.

This is a good idea and Jim should probably have an entry for “Reporting Bugs” with all the Bitbucket info included.

I think it is working out pretty well that most problems are reported here these days instead of directly into Bitbucket. Especially for inexperienced users, I think that is better.

Often when a problem is reported here, I’ll turn around and submit it into Bitbucket and post a link to that here. I post the link here for two reasons – first, to indicate that the problem is now in our system and is not just being dropped, and also so that you can check back later and see if the issue has been resolved. When a bug is fixed, it will be marked as fixed in Bitbucket, sometimes with additional notes about the solution. I don’t usually notify on this forum about fixed bugs, but you can find out on Bitbucket with the link. If you sign up for an account on Bitbucket, you can even get automatically notified when any action is taken on a particular issue. You can also view the entire list of issues for the entire history of the Panorama X project, both pending and resolved. At the moment there are a total of 884 issues, with 195 pending.

I don’t think I’ll add information about Bitbucket to the help system. I’d just as soon not encourage anyone and everyone to post there. On the other hand, if you consider yourself a Panorama power user, feel free to sign up using the information Gary posted above. But generally posting here works just as well, and at this point the community here is much larger. The Bitbucket system was pretty good for discussion in the early days, and is still invaluable to me for keeping track of everything, but I think now that it is set up this Discourse forum is better for discussion.