Rent vs. Buy Intensive Training Videos

I decided that if I were to get back on my feet with Panorama X (having finished any scripting I needed for my self-employment, 25 years ago), the best place to start would be the pay-for training videos. The first thing I noticed was that it was possible to “rent” them, a good choice to see whether they over my head, or actually not the video containing the answers I wanted.

Unfortunately, I clicked on the DL button, not the “Watch” button, and now Panorama thinks I’ve signed up for everything, and will bill me for anything I click on, WITHOUT the option to rent instead of buy. So I’m scared to click on anything. And I can’t retrace my steps to see if, anywhere along the way, the business of rent vs. buy was ever spelled out. I can’t because Panorama has put me in the “buying everything” bin.

I do favor the rent option because this allows me to confirm that a video is relevant to my efforts, and to signal that I don’t need any earlier, prerequisite videos to make use of the one in hand. And even if I needed to brush up on my beginner level, when I can confirm that this video will be one that I’ll constantly refer to as I pursue my project, then I’m happy to buy it and watch it for weeks.

Caveat Emptor

It sounds like you are talking about the Panorama Intensive Training Course, you must be because those are the only videos that have a Rent vs. Buy option. Those videos are not purchased thru Panorama, but thru the Vimeo web site. ProVUE has no control over how the Vimeo web site works. I do believe you are correct in that you cannot download rented videos, only stream them. This is Vimeo’s policy, not ProVUE’s.

Thanks for the clarification. It turns out the DC they have for me is expired, so I’ll be able to take this up with them directly.

After nearly a week of going back and forth with Vimeo’s customer service, the 4th person mentioned something critical: the Panorama lectures don’t have the “rent” option (although the button is there). It’s surprising that this detail didn’t come up at the earliest point.

Jim, can you confirm that this is how Provue set up the terms for these lectures? (I can’t confirm this without a separate, further purchase.)


Yes they do have a rental option. Here is part of my control panel showing rental prices for different videos.

However, the rental option is only available for individual videos. You cannot rent the entire collection, is that what you are trying to do? The rental option for the entire collection is disabled in my control center, if Vimeo is showing a Rent button for the entire collection that is a bug on their part.

Hi Jim,

I looked up in my Quicken accounting and found that I’d bought the whole nine yards 5 years ago, certainly long enough to forget about that original purchase. At that point, hanging back with v6 was still an option. With the new laptop, the dive into Pan X is now due. And I now get to use the entire collection.

Case closed, time for me to get to work (mainly an input window for the now inert View-as-Lists). Feel free to delete this entire topic. And thank you for considering my circumstances (no matter how moot).