Renaming choices

I have a field with the choices 0 and 1. How do I rename them to No and Yes?

I assume I could change the field type to Text, morph it, then change it back…

In the Choices box, just erase the 0 1, type in Yes No and hit ENTER to lock them in. if you just exit the box it will revert to the original values.

This changes the edit menu, yes, but does nothing to existing records.

If choices are internally stored as numbers, shouldn’t it be possible to just change how they are displayed?

I suspect that the values in the Choices box dictate what will happen in the future - not the past.

Why not just Morph each zero to No and 1 to Yes?

Theoretically you are right, but Panorama doesn’t allow you to change the list of values independently of the data itself. I think way too much potential for a user to make a mistake and lose data if that was allowed.

Yes, that will work. Actually, I believe you could simply morph it (or use Find & Replace), then change the list of choices. You don’t have to change it to text. The Choice data type allows any value to be stored in the field, however, it is much more efficient for values that are listed. But non-listed values are allowed.

Direct Find & Replace works!

That is good to know.


After you have done the Find & Replace, be sure to change the Choice values, otherwise the data will actually take up more space than plain text.