Relationships to autofill data

Ignoring my earlier posts, I am trying to make use of Panorama’s relationship feature to fill in data into a field based on a relationship. This needs to be entered on existing records. Here is the relation dialog.

When I click on test I see all of the specialty names, so that is good. I need the specialtyIDs entered into the specialtyID field.

I also tested creating a new record and filling in the Specialty field. Nada.

I solved this problem by instead using Join Databases and importing the data into the current database. At least that is solved. Now to look where I want to bring in data where 2 fields need to be keys.

So that also worked when I joined records via 2 key fields and needed to fill in 2 fields.

You didn’t check the Auto Join option.

Thanks. The Join Databases solved the problem but keeping in mine Auto Join when I work in a non-static database.