Relation with a other database to extract the CODE

Hello I’m new panorama . But I’m a developer in filemaker. I try to establish relation between 2 tables. I need to have all the codes (DERJA1, DERRI1, etc…) In the Pop up (Code de la facture is ok when I write it but I what to select it. In filemaker it is call use value from list and a pop up list all the code relate to this fields.

I use different formula : superlookup( “CONTACT”,“Code<>0”,“Code”) after the database I need to have all Code form CONTACT. But I have only one code DERRI1.

Can you help me please.

I think you’ve left out some information we will need to help you. Where are these codes located? Are they listed in some field of the CONTACT database? If they are, you can use the lookupall( and arraydeduplicate( functions to automatically generate the list of values, and that can be used to generate the pop-up menu (set the pop-up object to Formula mode rather than Literal mode).

If the codes are in a field of the Facture database you can do it even more simply by using the listchoices( function.

I looked you up and you only started using Panorama X a week and a half ago. Based on your screen shot, it looks like you’re making lots of progress – you’ve already got searchable lists, tab panels and maps going! Very cool.

Yes I have two database one CONTACT et the other Facture(“invoice in french”). The code are in db CONTACT and I need for the db Facture.I use code<>0 to retrieve all the code (DB CONTACT). I use Overvue in my old career after that Blyth Software (Omnis 1-2-3) for 12 years and filemaker pro for 20 years. After all those years I still love the way overvue work that why I want to past time with Panorama.

You can use the arraybuild( function


Great that work for listing the code but after selecting one code I have datatype( function error: no field or variable named “”.

I think we need to see your setup for the list. It sounds like you haven’t supplied a field or variable name where it expects one.

Code in CONTACT is a simple texte file

It’s my understanding that you have a list in Facture that lists the codes, and that the error is occurring when you select a code from that list. What I am trying to find out, is what do you want to happen when you select a code, and what have you done to try to make that happen?

I want to see in the field name Code (in Facture) all the code I have in CONTACT. After I select contact I have a fields(text display) that will present the address like this (and that thing work well in I enter manually the code. I what to use a popup value so I will not need to enter the code but just select it.

ignore("",Code)+superlookup(“CONTACT”, {Code=fieldvalue(“Facture”,Code)},{Compagnie+cr()+Adresse+cr()+Ville+", “+Province+cr()+Courriel},
“default”,”«Pas d’adresse »")

I found it I use the same name for the field Code in CONTACT and Code in Facture. I change the code for facture by CodeF and everything work find now.