Relation does not seem to work

I have 2 databases and have specified the 2 way relation below.


I would expect that when I enter a value in «First Name» and in the «Last Name» in the “New AP Customer List” that the value in the «E-Mail» would be placed in the «E-Mail» value of “New AP Purchases” when I leave the «Last Name» field in that database. It should mimic the formula :
lookup(“New AP Customer List”, «Combined Name», «Combined Name», «E-Mail»). However, nothing happens. ???

If you want it to happen automatically, you need to check the Auto Join checkbox.

I will go and view the video. I am having problems with “posttorelated”, but I’ll come back if the video doesn’t clear it up.

Perhaps you missed it when I pointed out that this statement has a bug in it. You can open the code and fix it right now while waiting for the next version.

Sorry I already posted the question, but looking at your post and the video, I am left with the question where do I find the “_DatabaseLib:POSTTORELATED” file to correct?

Found it.
Who knew?