Posttorelated does not seem to work

posttorelated does not seem to work. I’m sure it’s me but…
I have to DBs both related to each other. Each has an “E-Mail” field. When I enter the 2 key fields, “First Name” and “Last Name” the E-Mail is looked up and entered into the E-Mail field of the current DB. If I tab to that “E-Mail” field and enter a new value, that value is accepted. There is a code entry in that field that I am entering the says: posttorelated “Other DB Name”. When I tab out of the field, I get an error alert that says “Field or Variable [sourceDatabase] does not exist”. Screen shots below. It may have something to do with a correction that needs to be made that Jim mentioned, but I could not find the file to open and make the correction.

It’s not you. Jim answered this on another thread.