Relation blueprint not updating after field name was changed

I changed “Email” to “email” in my source db so it would match the related db. However I kept getting error messages that said the field “Email” was missing from the related db. You can see from the first screenshot that the relation panel is all correct; however on the second screen shot you can see that the second-last line still has “Email” in it. The correction didn’t make it into the blueprint.

After I deleted the last two lines from the blueprint and updated (a couple of intervening crashes later), everything worked correctly. [The last line in the blueprint happened because I had also renamed “First Name” to “First”.]

Looks like a bug.

Later: see my next post, too. It looks like some important dictionaries aren’t being revised when field names are changed.

The relations feature was complicated, it took almost two months to create and document. I’m afraid I completely overlooked the fact that database field structure could change after a relation was set up.

It’s not going to be possible for Panorama to automatically adjust the relation to account for field structure changes, that will have to be done manually (just as forms have to be adjusted manually when the field structure changes). But Panorama could definitely be better at identifying when this situation occurs and displaying a sensible error message, and it could better assist you in making the necessary adjustments.

I think it is too late to get a fix for this into the b14 release – I think it will probably take several days to make the necessary changes and for the moment I think that time is better used to get back on track with resuming classes. For now you’ll need to make these adjustments completely manually with the blueprint as you have done, but I will definitely circle back to this later.

Sorry, Jim,

It would have been better for me to let sleeping dogs lie and left my fields as they were. But I suppose it would have come up for someone eventually. I noticed on your BitBucket post that you were responding to both of my posts. Fixing the relationship blueprint manually helped one of the problems, but not the other.

With great respect,

Bill Conable

Not at all, someone was sure to encounter this. I should have thought of it myself.

I’m sure it’s related. You might want to completely delete the relation and build it over from scratch.