Reinstalling 10.2.0 b10 fixed crashes in one case

I had not made any progress of stopping the crashes that we exchanged messages about. So I put that approach aside and developed a new one. The new one seemed to be working very well, but when I was almost done, I had a crash. And then I had the strangest behavior ever: the database that crashed had only plain while form. Eventually, I restored a copy with TimeMachine. Then I started having crashes about half the time I ran my new procedure. I went off this afternoon to do various chores, and started working on this again this evening.

Then I noticed that the lookup( function was working. So at that point I discard b10, downloaded it again, and applied the path.

The crashes stopped. This sequence of events suggest to me that the was damaged during one or more of the crashes. Is that plausible?

I won’t say it is impossible, but a crash damaging the application would be way down on the list. But if it keeps working, perhaps the app was damaged. Though if the app was damaged, a) I would expect it to crash every single time, not intermittently, and b) I would think it was something other than a crash causing the damage, I have never in 40 years heard of a crash affecting a file on disk.

Thanks. I will put that hypothesis aside.