Refreshing a textlist

I have a form with a tetlist. Sometimes, I change a record that is being displayed in the textlist, but it does not automatically update. Is there a way to force the text list to refresh to display changed data?
BTW, the textlist does refresh the display if I go into graphics mode and then back into data mode.

If the list is related to a variable, use ShowVariables and the variable name. That can be entered into a .CurrentRecord procedure to update the displa every time the record is changed.

There’s also ShowFields along with several other show commands.

That is good to know, but this textlist is linked to the database, with Database Navigator enabled.
Neither Showfields, showpage, nor showline cause the text list to update.

Haven’t tried it yet but you could give this a shot:

objectaction "MyList","FillList"

Change “MyList” to whatever name you give to your Text List Object.

Gary’s suggestion did not work. But where did you get that action? I cannot find it and had no idea it existed.

In Panorama 6, the command was called SuperObject rather than ObjectAction, but "FillList" was one of the commands you could send to a List SuperObject. Gary just threw it out as a possibility.