Red WiFi icon w no obvious way forward

I had my first very nice use of the ‘shared db not having a working open session’ red WiFi icon. I know the path to fix this has been a learned ‘Disconnect from server, Reconnect to Server’ set of steps. When I clicked on the icon to select the fix, I was surprised to not see the quick fix ready to be selected. I would like to train my users to just select the ‘Fix Connection to Server’ choice but it was not there. Having to train people that they should first Disconnect, then Reconnect is far less obvious than ‘Fix Connection’.

Needing to first choose Disconnect from server seems unintuitive to someone that wants to have a connection to the server. Then too, some of the choices seem inappropriate for a red icon. I’m not thinking that Sychronize or Download would be possible given the red icon situation.

The Fix Connection to Server choice you are looking for is really Check Server Connection. This will offer to fix the connection if that is possible.

I assume you have enabled the continuous server monitoring option. If that is true, I think I would agree that if the icon is red all the options in this menu should be disabled except for Check Server Connection. In fact, probably a bunch of items in the regular menus should be disabled as well.

If the continuous server monitoring option is not in use, then I don’t think the menu items should be disabled. The error might be transient, for example an intermittent wifi connection, we don’t really know that there is no connection, just that an error occurred.