Recurring data?

I want to track my expenses and there are recurring payments (like rent, electricity etc.). How can I set up something like this in Panorama?
And a different question: When I use different bank accounts, is it better to use them all in one database or should I use one database per bank account?
Sorry for these beginner questions, but I did not find anything here…

Perhaps someone has an idea and can give me some advice for getting traction.

Thanks a lot

I would start asking myself: How would I do it, if I had to write it down in a cashbook? How would I set up a table in Excel or Numbers? — Or maybe you can import the data as a CSV file from your banking application? (The documentation of the banking application may explain which fields are exported, and you can decide to import all or only selected fields.)

About recurring payments: Panorama X has a features named Clairvoyance that can help to autocomplete entries.

Panorama X Database Exchange (in the Help menu) has a sample database “My Checkbook” that can give you some ideas.

Additionally, most of what you are looking for is covered at the end of this Help page:

Ok… thanks for your answers so far. :slight_smile:

I went through the tutorial, but it is really a lot of stuff to learn, puhhh
I hoped that there was a function to automatically enter those recurring data. And surely there will be something like this within the scripting capabilities of this program.

I’ll dig deeper…

Use the ditto option in field properties; this will auto fill what ever the last value was for a given record, i.e. Acme account was last paid $219.00 and the next time Acme is entered, the amount will appear as $219.00, which of course you can over-write if the amount changes.

Actually the ditto option will automatically enter the value that is entered in that same field in the record immediately above the new record. Unless the record just above the new record is also Acme, the new Acme record will be assigned some other value which matches the value right above it and not the Acme last value.

Well, let’s see if we can simulate what Craig suggested instead of using the ditto option. Lets say the two fields are Payee and Amount and we want the Amount field to be filled with the last value entered for the same newly entered Payee. If we add this to the Code properties for the Payee field it will do all this for us once the value for the Payee field is entered.

Field Amount
Amount=?(info("eof"),lookuplast("", Payee, «», Amount, ""),Amount)

This goes to the Amount field and then makes sure this record is the last record (new) and, if it is, it looks up the last amount for the entered Payee name. If it is not the last record or there is no other Payee by that name it will not enter anything in the Amount field. If the record is somewhere in the middle of the database it will leave the current Amount value unchanged. If you only want to search the selected records you would substitute lookuplastselected( for lookuplast(.

I have only run this through some limited testing so you might want to test it yourself as well.:woozy_face:

And all of that also supposes that each payee only purchases a single item repeatedly.