Recovering lost data

If the data from a field in a shared database is inadvertently modified or deleted, what clever methods have you found to recover the data?

I restored an earlier copy of the database using time machine, but unfortunately it syncs with the server as soon as it is opened. I briefly took the server down to prevent synchronization and recovered the lost data.

Is there a secret-hidden key combination (Jim?) to prevent sync to the server when opening a file, or am I missing a simpler way of using time machine.

BTW, if I open time machine while a PanX database is active, it briefly shows a side-by-side copy of the database and then exits time machine. Is this direct support of time machine with Pan X under development?

I have unfortunately been in this situation. I disconnected my computer from the network, then restored the Time Machine file; unshared the restored file, then reconnected to the network and moved the recovered data. Not sure that qualifies as clever, but it works.

It’s not necessary to disconnect from the network. Just temporarily enable the Disable Server Connections option in the Client preferences pane.


No. That must be something Apple programmed into Time Machine.

Thank you Jim, this is what I need.