Records do not reliably unlock

With a shared database, I clicked on a Text editor box. I see on the Server Admin window that it shows a record locking. If I wait the set delay time, the record unlocks on the server and the blue highlight box goes away. Just as expected.
If, however, I click on a text editor box, and then click another database window, the record does not unlock.
I have found a few times on the server admin that it shows locked records when no clients are accessing the database. I don’t usually know how that happens, but sometimes records are not unlocking when they should.

After posting this, I just found and read about the force unlock statements; I have not done anything with those. I had been going to the server and restarting; kind of a nuisance to do that.

What if you click on a text editor box, then go to a different record in the same database? Does that unlock the record?

Yes. If I keep the same database active. I suppose there are many permutations one could test.
I also did this;
Click the text box on database 1; record is locked on server and blue border on text editor.
Click a second database while the first record is still locked, and click in the data sheet to begin editing; now two records are locked, one in each database. The first database remains locked until I make it the active database. Then it will unlock automatically or unlock if I click a another record (but do not start editing that record).

I think it is actually working as intended, though this is different than Panorama 6. In many situations it is advantageous to be able to continue editing even when you have clicked to a different window, especially in situations where there is a lot of text and you don’t want to lose your place in the editor. Perhaps I will need to rethink this, or maybe it needs to be a Text Editor option.

Am I correct that: a locked record does not prevent another using from reading that record, such as selecting it for a report, or reading it to build an array. What surprised me was that (1) I had set a time delay to unlock a record, (2) it will in that case automatically unlock after the delay, but (3) it will stay locked if the user switches to another database and in many cases abandons the record in the locked state. (Will the record unlock if the user quits without ever activating the database again? If Panorama crashes on the locking computer?) (I guess I can test the first situation) But I recognize this sort of choice requires some careful thought about the consequences and I don’t claim to have the “correct” answer.

I’m working on another project so I haven’t had time to really dig into this. But it is quite possible that there are situations that are being handled incorrectly.

Not sure, but I think there is a good chance that it doesn’t, at least in the crashing scenario.

Maybe if there is a timeout set up it should unlock immediately when clicking on another database.

It should release locks if you terminate a session manually, but I’ll bet it doesn’t. Or maybe it does. I will check again to make sure I did this correctly.

Yes, you are correct. It only stops other users from editing that record.