Recording import database replacing existing data appends instead

When I recorded a database import replacing all data, It creates a script which appends instead of replaces.
// recorder gives me this
importdatabase “Untitled”,“ExistingData”,“false”,“Selected”,“false”,“MatchingFields”,“true”

// This does work, from the documentation, but it isn’t what the recorder gave me.
importdatabase “Untitled”,“ExistingData”,“Replace”,“Selected”,“false”,“MatchingFields”,“true”

importdatabase documentation


The importdatabase statement normally appends the imported data to the end of the current database. You can use this option to tell it to replace the data instead.

importdatabase “Presidents”,“ExistingData”,“Replace”
Be careful! This will erase all of the existing data in the database! (Note: The replace option is not available for shared multi-user databases, attempting to use this option will cause an error.)

If you want to append the imported data, use append instead of replace (or just leave this option off).

Ok, thanks for the report.