Record limit for Text List?

I have some Text Lists for fairly large databases, and I notice that the value of «_liveSearch_found» (number of records showing) is never higher than 5000. In fact, the number of records available to view is never more than 5000. This is a serious limitation for some of the data i need to work with. “5000” sounds like a fairly arbitrary number, can this limit be increased?

Note that the actual name of the variable has a couple of underscores that are being interpreted as character formatting and not showing in my post.

Yes. Open the blueprint for this object, and find this line:


Change the number and press Update Form.

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Very nice! Is there a practical limit to how large a number I can put in here? I doubt I’d need to go over 10000 but you never know.

Larger numbers may cause performance issues, or, maybe not. You’ll have to judge that for yourself. But as you say, any limit is “practical”, there is no absolute limit.