Record ID - Database Options

Had been looking for the place to set an auto record ID… today, I stumbled upon it!

FILE>>Database Options: Next Record ID#

But what I’m reading seems to suggest this is deprecated in Pan X.

If not, can someone direct me to info on accessing this parameter?

(My field is «ItemID»… and Next Record ID# is a better solution for me than incrementing based on the previous record.)

For the ItemID field (must be a numeric field) set the Default Value option in the Field Properties pane to +. Now the field will automatically use the number you have in the Database Options panel and that number will increment by one whenever a record is added. This is discussed in the Field Properties section of the help file under “Creating a Unique Record Number”.

What did you read that suggests that? Perhaps an revision is needed.

Ah, beautiful. Thanks Gary.

I had searched the Help for “Record ID”, “Database Options” and other keywords but came up empty.

Hi Jim.
Looks like I misread a thread where Matt was looking for info on the Record ID attribute. Your comment “It should be removed” was actually referring to mention of a PDF book. And Matt asking “Is this available anymore?”

In any case that is actually a thread about info(‘serverrecordid’), which is a different subject than the one you are asking about.