Recalculate Field from menu only recalculates some records

One field has a formula that starts with lookupselected. If I go into the field in the Data Sheet, when I tab out the field recalculates. But if I do Field->Morph->Recalculate Field it only fills in data for some of the records. It seems consistent which records have data put into them and which do not. Any suggestions.

The Field->Morph->Recalculate Field operation will recalculate all selected records.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I recalculates around 60% of the records.

Chances are, the records that you think aren’t being recalculated actually don’t have matches. So you’re getting the default value, which is probably empty text.

However, you would be much better off using the Join Databases dialog (or join statement if are doing this in code). You’ll get the same results, but it will be much faster.

Since my posting I’ve discovered Join Databases and that worked perfectly. The Recalculate Field was definitely not working for me, Join Databases filled in every field.

This is perfect for me, at least for now, since this is a static database. For this project I am only manipulating static data. There is no data entry other than imports.