Random crashes when Text Edit Object is open

We have been experiencing random crashes, often when a text edit object is open for editing and the user clicks on another window, either a Panorama window or a window related to another program. Again, these crashes are quite random. We are still trying to watch to see what might be the cause. To minimize these crashes, we have tried adding closeactiveobject statements to the procedures attached to other buttons on the form. I would guess that most of our crashes occur when we are trying to edit the content of a Text Edit Object.

I am replying to my own post. I just experienced what seemed to be a random crash while editing a TEO. However, I realized that I had previously terminated editing another TEO which triggers a procedure that fails unexpectedly. (See my previous post: Procedure fails unexpectedly depending on trigger.) I believe the these two posts are related.

Again, probably 90% of our crashes, and we have lots of them, occur while entering or editing data in TEO’s, which TEO’s trigger procedures that generally update Text List Objects.

We have reduced the number of crashes by eliminating the ObjectAction “Open” statement, and as of yesterday thanks to Jim’s suggestion, we can now use the ObjectAction “Open” without crashing if we precede it with a LockRecord statement. Most of our TEO’s are attached to fields and not variables.

We will start to add CloseActiveObject statements to procedures triggered by terminating a TEO. Hopefully this will reduce our crashes.

If these procedures are being triggered by data entry, you might want to try adding

wait 0

to the beginning of those procedures.

Dave, thanks for the suggestion. Any recommendation as to which should come first –– Wait 0 or CloseActiveObject, or does it matter?

I would just experiment to see what works.