Quicken and PanX: Easy to transfer info?

Does anyone have experience transferring information from PanX into Quicken? I am helping a person with a PanX database who maintains her checking account in Quicken, and it might useful to transfer deposits from a PanX database and import into Quicken. Is that feasible? easy? difficult?

Hi Tom,
After almost 25 years of being puzzled by the file format for Quickbooks I finally figured out how to have Panorama build an importable transaction file. I would guess the process would be similar. I cover this in fair detail in my post here called Quickbooks Export Solved from about a year ago.

I see there are several utilities and free websites that do the csv to QIF conversion, which would be easier, but figuring it out in Pan was fun once I got down to it. I use this in several utilities for transferring payroll and office expense records. My transactions tend to have the same format, so I didn’t put a lot of time into detecting variable scenarios and adjusting accordingly. Let me know if you would like more info.

Thanks Scott.