Questions about Importing from Panorama 6

Hello Jim,

In Pan 6, I have a simple database with a total of 9626 records. Of these, 1385 are colored blue, for reasons I won’t go into here. The remaining 8241 records are black (uncolored).

When this database is imported into Pan X, the colored records are missing. I don’t mean “not visible”, I mean missing.

I see from the forum that others have brought up the topic of wanting the ability to colorize records. That is a extremely powerful tool, and it is really unfortunate that it is not possible (yet) to implement in Pan X. But why are those records eliminated from the import?

One can un-color the records the Pan 6 file before importing of course, but I plan to do all my work in Pan 6 before migrating completely to Pan X, after I’m comfortable with the program and after more of its limitations are resolved. So I sure don’t want to change my Pan 6 file. And it’s a real bummer to have to un-colorize every time I want to experiment more with Pan X.

As I re-read this note, it sounds like a complaint - but it really isn’t. Pan X is a mammoth undertaking, and all will be well in the end. But there are some features that should be addressed very soon, Jim.

• Bring back colorized records
• Bring back an inspector-type window to follow multiple variable values
• Import should import ALL records regardless of color
• Single-step should be single-step in a macro

It’s hard to get started in my conversion to Pan X without these items being resolved.

Best regards,

I can’t confirm your import issue with colored records.

I created a test database in Panorama 6 with 30 records and colored one of them; I saved this database with the .pan suffix and opened it then in Panorama X.

All 30 records (including the originally blue one) were imported. So something else must be happening there and causing your issue.

Like Kurt, I cannot duplicate this problem. I just successfully imported a Panorama 6 database with multiple cells that are colored and styled, the text imported fine (not the colors and styles, of course).

Hello KJM,

Well I’ll be darned. I just did the same thing as you - created a new database in Pan 6, turned some records blue, saved with .pan suffix, and imported into Pan X. ALL records were imported.

So it’s not Pan X at fault, but something with that file. But what? That file has worked for years - all the way back to Overview days.

OK. Just worked it out. Apparently importing a .pan database only imports currently selected records. In my case, all the blue records were not visible (unselected), so Pan X was blind to them.

Thanks KJM for helping out. But Jim, the point is still valid. “Import Database” should import ALL records - whether colored or not, or visible (selected) or not.

Best regards,

I just did a test using the Trial Data example file in Panorama 6. I gave it a million records, turned the first 500,000 blue, then I did a select reverse, so that only the black 500,000 would be visible. I saved it, and opened it in Panorama X. All the records were imported. Only the black 500,000 were selected.

Not true. All records are imported, and the selection status of each record is preserved when importing from 6 to X. I just double checked this, and confirmed Dave’s results.

Hello Everybody,

I have no idea of what went wrong. Since not all of you could be wrong, I did the following:

Starting from scratch, I erased the myfile.pan Pan 6 file, opened the original myfile in Pan 6, and did a “Save As” myfile.pan. That is exactly what I did to start the import process.

This time, Pan X imported the ENTIRE file - all 9626 records. I have never deleted any records from that database in Pan 6, or at least not in bulk. But somehow, the saved .pan file lost all blue records. So when Pan X imported the file, they were not there.

Needless to say, I’m embarrassed for having raised this, since it appears that my Pan X file is OK now. But I’m nonplussed about the whole thing.

I wonder if I had a “senior” moment at some point. Thanks to everyone who contributed input.

Best regards,