Question re Server Administration

Is there a special meaning related to the white dot on the progress bar for downloading shared files?

No experience with downloading shared files, but IMHO this ist just the (sort of) “negative” display of the progress bar on the blue background of the selected database. Correct me if I’m wrong.

@KJM is exactly correct. If you click on different rows you’ll see that the selected row always looks like this.

Thanks for the response. Add this post to the list of dumb questions. I have been experiencing some severe headwinds with this particular file today –– disappearing text editor objects and disappearing text display objects on a form while opening some auxiliary files using the OpenFile command inside a procedure in the file with the disappearing objects syndrome. I was desperately looking for any sign or hint of what could cause such behavior. Late in the day I did find some corrupt cells at the end or bottom of one of the auxiliary files. Luckily I was able to delete those records, and the auxiliary file now seems healthy. More testing tomorrow might prove if that was a factor.