Question about post statement

I’m using post "updateadd" as a substitute for a much more involved posting procedure I cobbled together long ago. Post is fast and accurate, but there’s something I can’t figure out how to do.

I used to be able to add the contents of a variable to the end of an existing text field (i.e. Comments=Comments+myVariableContainingSomethingIWantToAddToTheCommentsField.) But this necessitated switching to the target DB, writing a host of variables into it, and then switching back. The post statement is much more efficient. However,

This statement
post "updateaddall","My Target DB","Comments","Comments"+myVariableAsAbove
just replaces the contents of the Comments field with the contents of the variable, rather than appending the variable to the existing data.

Is there a way to do what I want to do within the post statement?

I use Post extensively but have never tried embedding a formula to also use the target’s existing data. It’s not what I’d expect Post to be abe to do.

In order to accomplish your “Comments”+myVariableAsAbove, you’ll need to use a Lookup or some other method of getting the existing Comments and adding them to your variable before running the Post.

Thanks, Jim,

This worked perfectly. But see following post…