Python and OS 12

Apple has followed through on their ‘promises’ to eliminate Python from inclusion with the OS. With 12.3.1 it is no longer a ready to use part of the OS.

Panorama procedures that use Python now return an error.

I have installed Python 3 but have not yet gotten it working - at least not as desired. I have not put a lot into it so far either, but will plan to share any lessons here. Hopefully anyone else installing Python 3 and configuring it and Panorama X to work together will do the same.

One good laugh to start it off is the progress bar that came up when I downloaded the installation:
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 5.29.49 PM

I am hoping that the Python error will be resolved with the next version similar to PHP having essentially the same problem.
See PHP command not found

Similarly, I’m now getting: PYTHON ERROR: sh: python: command not found

I now have Python 3 installed (but I’m not ready to swear it’s all just right). Previously, in order to check the version via Terminal, you’d enter python -version. On 12.3.1 that gets a response that the command was not found. Now I have to enter it as python3 - version and I do get a response.

At some point I believe Panorama will need to address it similarly. A procedure starting with python3 |||… is an unknown statement.

A moving target is the nature of the beast and we’re leaning on Jim to aim on our behalf.

That point will be when b26 is released, which should be pretty soon. You can read about it now. It’s too bad that macOS no longer includes these languages by default, but I think starting with b26 Panorama makes the best of this situation.

Your aim is pretty good, Jim. :sunglasses: