Put zoomwindows parameters into a variable

I’ve been trying for half an hour to work out how to put the parameters of the zoomwindow statement into a parameter (which will, of course, become five parameters when it gets processed).

I want to be able to write:

zoomwindow zoomwindowParams

so that a single amendment to the parameter will take effect in multiple locations.

One can see your rationale, but my bet is that’s not going to be possible. (Would love to be wrong, and there’s lot’s of cleaver people looking at these posts!) I think PanX is going to see you as supplying one parameter to the statement no matter how you structure the contents of your variable. I think PanX wants to see at least 4 parameters, with an optional 5th.

…Wonder if you can get the behavior your striving for with an ‘execute’?


local zoomparam
zoomparam = {zoomwindow 23,722,800,720,"nopalette,novscroll,nohscroll"}
execute zoomparam

gets the job done. Thanks Bill.

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You might also want to look at this one.

That’s what I was searching for - I knew a solution had to exist. Thanks Jim.