Push Button Styles - Panorama X vs. Panorama 6

Pan 6 buttons had boarder lines that could be set to different colors. Pan X deletes these boarders during conversion and only shows the button name on a white background. Is there a way to add them back or do I have to superimpose a rectangle object?

Panorama 6 supported all sorts of non-standard push buttons. Panorama X only supports standard Apple style push buttons. All of the non-standard styles have been removed. The advantage is that now it’s super easy to build beautiful forms with buttons that match all of the other buttons on your system. And when Apple changes the look of the buttons in a new operating system, the buttons on your forms will automatically change to match the correct look for your system. Please see this help page for more information about the new approach Panorama X uses for object styling (of course in 2023 this approach isn’t really “new” any more).

If you really want a non-standard button you can still do that but you’ll need to do it on your own. You don’t need to superimpose objects on top of the button, however, because in Panorama X, any object can be a button. If you want a rectangular button in a particular color, just make a rectangle object and add the code to that object. Voila, it’s a button. The same for an image - either a static image or an Image Display (aka “flash art”) object can become a button simply by adding code to it. In Panorama X, it’s almost never necessary to superimpose objects to get custom effects.

Please see this help page to learn more about adding code to any type of form object to make buttons.