Purchasing intensive training course video


I had a look at the intensive training course. To buy this is £278.64 (although there’s the half price offer at the moment, which is very tempting).

The Vimeo listing shows there are 27 individual videos. If I add up the price of all the individual videos (excluding the free ones) I get a total of £197.16. So it looks like just buying every video would be quite a lot cheaper. Am I somehow missing something; or perhaps there’s something extra if buying the whole course?



You are correct, at the regular price it is more affordable to purchase the courses individually. But with the current promotion it’s cheaper to purchase them as a set.

Ah, thanks for the confirmation… Is that a mistake, though? It means that for most of the time, anyone who buys the whole bundle would have to be out of their mind - as it’s £100 more! I guess a lot of people might not notice and would just assume that the bundle deal would be cheaper than all of the individual ones.

I think the bundle price should at its maximum be the same price as all the courses added together; and potentially slightly cheaper to encourage people to buy the whole lot (even if they’re not interested in quite all of them). So I’d price the total package at, say £190.


Yes, the individual videos were mispriced. That is now corrected. It’s now about $40 more expensive to buy all of the videos individually than together in the bundle.

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