outage is over / UPS Recommendations

It turns out the problem was that the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) unit had failed! So right now the server is plugged right into the wall, and ProVUE is in the market for a new UPS. Does anyone here have any recommendations pro or con on various units? The old unit was a CyberPower 1500 AVR and it lasted for quite a few years, so perhaps I should get another. The Tripp Lite unit also looks interesting.

I usually recommend an APC unit for commercial use, but having said that, mine is currently plugged into a CyberPower 1500.

You can check out APC units here:


When a UPS goes dark, not much can happen as that is typically between the outlet and EVERYTHING else.

Are you able to tell if it failed due to worn out batteries?

When servers are ‘in the other room’ where we can’t hear them, their beeps and siren warnings go unnoticed and are of little value. The UPSs that attach the server with a USB connection so that the server can monitor the UPS and send email alerts when the UPS needs to talk to someone can potentially prevent issues like this.

As for brands, there are several major players and my experience is that they are all pretty good with my preferred being APC.

Here is a load calculator and teaching tool. You can take the result and apply it towards any other brand.

Robert Ameeti

That’s what my unit is. Since I first posted this, I’ve figured out the problem is probably the batteries, and I’ve got a recommendation of a local store that probably sells them, so tomorrow I’ll look in into replacing the batteries.

I see that the CyberPower 1500 now has Mac software, I thought it was Windows only (maybe it was back when I originally purchased it).

Jim, Just be careful. Some units have batteries behind the batteries and are 48v systems. Once I replaced only the two front batteries, did not last long.


Tripp Lite is a great company. I don’t use an APC, but I have their AC voltage regulator with IsoBar spike and noise-line filter. I bought it maybe 30 years ago and it”s still going strong. I used to know the owner: he’s a good man and he knows his stuff.

I replaced my (Panorama) server’s UPS batteries last week. Coincidence?

I wound up replacing the batteries – a local store (Battery Town of Costa Mesa) sold a set for $36. I found the original manual and CD, which was Windows only, but now they have Mac software also (looks like the Mac was added in 2013).

I’m a bit puzzled because it shows the load as 0 watts. Makes me think I have the computer plugged into the wrong outlet, but the outlet is definitely labeled for UPS+surge (there are some labeled surge only). The remaining runtime number does go up and down a bit over time.

Considering how important is, you might consider a 99.999% uptime hosting company. At least as a backup with failover DNS if your internal server goes offline again.