Program crashes on launch

Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 10 Bus error: 10

Is the error. I tried trashing the program, restarting, installing again, no joy. Any thoughts. It seems as a permission error. I did Disc First Aid and no error, re-install system. Nothing.

I am on Mac OS 15.0, beta, near final release.

Ali Haas

I think you mean macOS 12 (Monterey). We recently discovered that Panorama X 10.1 does not work on Monterey. A version of Panorama X that does work will be made available before Monterey is actually released. In the meantime, we recommend that Panorama X users not install the macOS 12 beta. In fact, we do not recommend that you ever install a beta operating system on a computer intended for production use.

Thanks for the update Jim.

I held off updating my mac os system and Panorama for 5 years. I finally pulled the trigger only to find that mac os monterey 12.0.1 crashes…

Last week a notice was sent to all Panorama X users that if you are planning to use Monterey, you must use the Panorama X 10.2 public beta. However, you didn’t get this notice because you don’t have a Panorama X account (we stopped sending notices to Panorama 6 users several years ago because there were too many spam complaints).

To learn more about the public beta, including how to install it, see this page: