Progess box with Synchronizing bar

An extra floating Progress dialog with a Sychronizing horizontal progress display has gotten stuck and just hangs around. I can move it around but it does not do anything. I imagine that it will probably disappear if I Quit but I haven’t had the desire to quit lately so it just hangs around.

This code will close the progress window.

closeallasyncprogresswindows "Closed it!"
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Note that this window will appear when you open and synchronize a shared database that either doesn’t have a tool bar or doesn’t have any windows (in other words it is opened with opensecret). The window is designed to disappear when the synchronization is finished, which apparently did not ever happen. It should also disappear if there is an error that causes the sync to fail. Obviously there is a bug that caused this not to happen in this case.

I’ve seen it hang quite a few times recently.