Procedure windows not open at launch

I have been leaving procedure windows open when I save databases so I can remember what I was working on the next time I open the file. This has been working fine, but I have one file that will never reopen the proc windows. It will reopen form windows (whichever forms were open when I saved), but if I save it with one or more proc windows open, they are always gone when I reopen the file.

Check the General tab under File>Database Options. By chance do you have an Initial Window set?

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 10.21.56 AM

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No, I do not have an Initial Window Set, but THANK YOU James, you led me to the solution!

I was looking through all the preferences trying to find some setting like that, and I could not remember where the Security settings were. I remembered changing them for this one file, but couldn’t find them again.

They are in Database Options! I had locked the database to my account, and it would not re-open any procedures at launch. As soon as I unlocked it, under the Security tab, it began behaving like the other unlocked files, re-opening any procedure windows that were open at the last Save.

I guess it is a kind of “first level” of security, even though I am logged in as administrator. Once I have assigned Users, I wouldn’t want random proc windows opening if I forgot to close them before saving.

I checked the source code, actually it’s not locking the database to the account that causes this, but encrypting the procedures. If you lock to the account but don’t encrypt the procedures, the procedure windows will still open automatically when the database opens. (Note: I had forgotten this detail until you brought it up.)

Are you referring to the Encryption check boxes in the image below? I haven’t ever clicked those, but my proc windows still don’t open if just the Lock is on. Of course, this is no biggie for me, I just wanted to report how my system is acting.

Lock Database screenshotx

Are you sure that the procedure windows are not open at launch, or are they behind the form windows?

Yes, right after I launch the file, I check the Window menu to see what windows are open.