Problems with "total" statement

Field X followed by Total does not always seem to generate the total.

It took me quite a while to debug that this was the cause for discrepancies between Panorama 6 and X.

The workaround (so far) is do this twice.

I will try to isolate this into a small database and procedure.

I cannot duplicate this problem, so you’ll have to let us know if you can figure out a reliable way to demonstrate this.

I have a small multi-year data base originally created in older versions of Panorama and brought over to Panorama X from Panorama 6. Although one field is numeric, I cannot perform the analyze Total calculation in this field unless I first select the present year and then remove the unselected files. I tried doing the analyze Total calculation multiple times (i.e., before removing the unselected files), but it still did not work. I will gladly share this database if it will be helpful, or would appreciate another work-around that might work.

Perhaps there is already a summary record in this database that is invisible (not selected)? Panorama won’t add another summary record if the database already contains one. I would do a Select All, then look to see if there is already a summary record. Or simply do a Select All, then do remove all summaries. Does that help?

Although I could not see a summary record, the select all + remove all summaries solved the problem.

Thank you,

Garry Cooper