Problems with text importing

Having a problem in importing text with the text importer on Pan X.
It works find by now finding out that not only does it put columns on each tab break, but it’s also putting in columns for comma’s that are in the file.
For years I have been importing text pages into Pan 6 and columns like this work perfectly. Have put a (tab) to show were the tab goes.

Rory McIlroy (Tab)1 (Tab)68 (Tab)70 (Tab)268 (Tab)1,530,000.00 (Tab)2,000 (Tab)1
Ryan Moore, Jr. (Tab)T2 (Tab)70 (Tab)68 (Tab)268 (Tab)752,250.00 (Tab)1,000 (Tab)7
Kevin Chappell (Tab)T2 (Tab)66 (Tab)68 (Tab)268 (Tab)752,250.00 (Tab)1,000 (Tab)8
Paul Casey, III (Tab)4 (Tab)68 (Tab)70 (Tab)271 (Tab)408,000.00 (Tab)600 (Tab)5

Here is the problem.
Now in Pan X a comma is now seen as a tab. So like the name Ryan Moore, Jr. the comma before Jr. is taken out and acts as a tab, thus screwing up my columns.
The same with on the money, 1,530,000.000 is now coming out as
Rory McIlroy (Tab)1 (Tab)68 (Tab)70 (Tab)268 (Tab)1(Tab)530(Tab)000.00 (Tab)2(Tab)000 (Tab)1

Normally for the money it’s no problem, strip out the comma’s. But on the name Ryan Moore, Jr. the comma is part of the name, so how do I leave that and not put a tab inbetween Moore & Jr.

Thanks for the help

Yep, I have confirmed this, that is a bug in the Import Wizard.

Note: This is not a problem when you use File>New Database from Text File.

You are right, when I just import text to a new database it works perfectly, just doesn’t do it right on a existing database.
Thanks, feel so honor to find my first bug ever in Panorama.