Problems moving from b18 to b24

Today I loaded Pan10.2.0.b24 on a MacBookAir that was left back with b18.

  1. I dowloaded and then used the DownloadAssistant to down load the new version b24, but when I clicked ‘install’ on the panel, it installed it with the name 10.2.b18. The first time I thought I had lost (for some reason) the new b24, and restarted from scratch with the same result!

The second time I corrected tne name of the installed version to 10.2.b24 (3860) as I think it should be (from the about Panorama).

  1. When I try to use log to Terminal, all seems OK on the Instrumentation panel (it shows Log to Terminal) but there is no log in the terminal window, although the log appears correctly in the BBEdit window.

I see that Proview is writing on the terminal window (for example at 11:10 Paris time):

Last login: Wed Nov 10 11:10:06 on ttys001

alain@Air-de-Alain-1 ~ % /Users/alain/Applications/Run\ Panorama\ X\ Using\ Terminal ; exit;

objc[52555]: Class LRUCache is implemented in both /System/Library/Frameworks/CFNetwork.framework/Versions/A/CFNetwork (0x7fff870b48c0) and /Applications/PanoramaX 10.2.0.b24 (3860).app/Contents/MacOS/PanoramaX (0x10165bff0). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

2021-11-10 11:11:00.686 PanoramaX[52555:16687506] Launched with PXRole: Client



==== START OF DEBUG LOG ==== Wed, November 10th, 2021 at 11:11 am ====

==== VERSION: 10.2.0.b24 BUILD: 3860 (Client)

==== ROLE: Administrator

==== COMPUTER: MacBook Air de Alain a4:83:e7:ac:41:76

==== USER: Alain Hervé


==== DEBUG LOG COVERAGE =========================================================

I do not know what to do more at this stage.

There is no Install button in the DownloadAssistant. Based on your description, I think you actually used the Check for Updates panel in the Panorama menu, which is not the same thing as the DownloadAssistant.

it installed it with the name 10.2.b18.

The Check for Updates panel will install the new version with the exact same name as the version you are running. So if you had named the previous version 10.2b18, it will name the new version that when it installs, no matter what the actual version is. For example, you could name your copy of Panorama, and if you updated it the new version would still be

If you want to use a copy of with the version number in the name, you’re probably better off to manually install it, though you could still use Check for Updates to download the new version.

there is no log in the terminal window, although the log appears correctly in the BBEdit window

Clearly some version of Panorama is writing to the terminal. Perhaps you have two copies of Panorama running, and your instrumented code is running on a different copy? That’s the only thing I can think of that would fit your description.

Whoa, this is an interesting error message. What version of macOS are you running?

The good news is that the LRUCache implemented in Panorama is obsolete and not used any more. Based on this error message, I guess it should be completely removed from the code, or at least renamed. But I’m surprised that I’ve never seen that message myself on any version of macOS. In the meantime, since that class isn’t used, I don’t think it will cause any problem beyond this warning message.