Problem with zeroblank

I have an invoice database I’ve been running for years. I have a procedure that imports data from an order form database into the invoice database. I use zeroblank() extensively so empty fields simply display as blank but this no longer seems to work.

The line of code for each line item total is: A1=zeroblank(Y1 * P1) of course the field names change accordingly so I have A2=zeroblank(Y2 * P2), and so on for about 20 items.

The problem is blank numeric fields display with zeros instead of blank when imported.

edit: for some reason the asterisk doesn’t appear in the formulas above so I am substituting with an X

Asterisks are used for markup. When you need to put an actual asterisk in your post, you need to escape it by putting a backslash in front of it. Type \* instead of just *.
If you need to put a backslash in your post, you also escape it by typing an extra backslash.

For typing code, you can put back tics before and after the code, and you won’t need to escape.
If you type `A1=zeroblank(Y1 * P1)`, it will appear as A1=zeroblank(Y1 * P1)

If the code is on a separate line, you can put a blank line before it, and indent four spaces.

I edited your post again, so that the formulas are using asterisks now.

OK I solved it, I had some incorrect parameters set up which should have been obvious. But I do have another problem recarding copying data from one database to another. I’ll post in a new thyread.