Problem with related(

I’m trying to get a leg up before Tuesday’s class, and have been playing with related( to fill in information from a source db into a form in a target db. At first it seemed to work just as it should; but then I started getting this message in the TDO I was working with: "Join failed because first parameter is not a valid dictioanary." (sic) Here’s the formula for the TDO:

related(Address, "New Pan Alex Mail Exp")+ignore("",«First Name»+" "+«Last Name»)

The relation between the two DB’s is working fine for displaying field contents, also I got it to add new names to the source DB if they weren’t already there; so the basic relation between the DB’s is apparently correctly set up. I can’t figure out what I accidentally changed between when it did work and when it didn’t. The presence or absence of the ignore function doesn’t affect the problem; neither does the presence or absence of quotes around the field name.

I’m sure you’ll explain this Tuesday, but if you can help me now I’ll appreciate it and be a smarter listener in class…


Ok, I’ve fixed this spelling error in the code.

The first parameter of the related( function must be a quoted formula, so it should be:

related({Address}, "New Pan Alex Mail Exp"

However, I’m not sure if that is the problem. Any chance you mispelled the database name?

In any case, I have a lot of slides I need to work on before this week, so I’d best get back to that. But the related( function will be pretty close to the first topic on Tuesday.

You were right. The DB is really “New Panx…” etc. Embarrassed, and obviously many of my naming conventions were ill-considered way back when I committed them. Now it works, and the other questions I have will clearly be answered on Tuesday. Thanks!