Problem with +Libraries tab in OpenView window

When I choose the +Libraries tab in the OpenView window and resize the window, I get the beachball and it sometimes takes up to two minutes to display the contents of the window (on some other occasions, it’s faster but still quite slow). Either way, if I then try to close the OpenView window, it closes but I then get the beachball for up to 30 seconds before normal service is resumed.


Do you have the Full Source option checked? If you do, that definitely makes it a lot slower. I certainly don’t see a beachball for 2 minutes though (maybe a few seconds, ok, I timed it and it was 3 seconds on my computer). Maybe your computer is a lot slower than mine? I’m using a 2011 MacBook Pro (2.4 GHz Intel Core i7).

If you turn off the Full Source option it will be instantaneous. So I normally turn the Full Source option on when I actually need it.

The Full Source option fixed the problem. My machine is a 2.7GHz I5 with 8GB of RAM.