Problem setting up Avery labels

I chose the Avery label I wanted but the data didn’t print out correctly on the label sheet.

A bit more information would be necessary for others to offer ideas.

Robert Ameeti

Choosing Mailing Label from the Construct menu, and then choosing Avery Lbel 5613, we get something similar, but still too large. When going in and changing the dimensions in graphics mode, still the preview and the print come out unchanged. In other words, changing the object on the screen had no affect on the final print version. This also happened in another report that I’d put together in Pan 6 and tried to modify in PanX.

You know…I have used Panorama for YEARS and it is with these relatively small things that should work perfectly that it fails miserably…hardly any choices of Avery labels and even inputting the dimensions, doesn’t work. I only use Panorama for my databases and this piece of it ALWAYS makes me irritated.

I appreciate your taking the time to respond to my query. This is such a busy time. I was trying to get my card labels done quickly today and failed. And it doesn’t seem like I can make it work at all.


The reply by @concerto is in regard to Panorama X, and is being dealt with on a separate thread. I’m pretty sure that the original post by @dianacus is about Panorama 6, though I’m not absolutely sure, since as @RAmeeti mentioned, absolutely no details were supplied. Panorama 6 (and earlier versions) have been used to make hundreds of thousands of mailing labels without failing miserably. Chances are it could work for you as well. Here are some questions I have for you.

  • What exact software are you using? Panorama 6? Panorama Sheets? Panorama X?
  • What kind of label do you want to print?
  • What kind of printer are you using?
  • What does “didn’t print correctly” mean?
  • Did you check the Page Setup configuration for the form you are printing? Also the Print configuration? There are many options in these dialogs that could prevent labels from lining up properly if not set correctly, and there is nothing Panorama can do about that.

hardly any choices of Avery labels

All of the popular Avery labels are available, except for tiny ones that couldn’t possibly be used for mailing labels. Perhaps you aren’t aware that many label variations are duplicates, for example Avery 5163, 5263, and 8163 all use the same template.

Jim…thank you for the information and for taking the time to write the email. I know that this is YOUR baby and you have put in countless hours making it as perfect as possible. I certainly don’t want to denigrate a product I have been loyal to for over 25 years…it is frustration talking…wanting to find a phone number so someone can TALK to me about my problem…trying to write out what a “problem” is is a problem.

What you read was from a mother, grandmother, business person who is juggling too many balls, and one is the dreaded Christmas card label list.

You are right, I am using 6…I have a crazy fear of upgrades…

I will try to follow your suggestions this morning. I have an iMac running Sierra and an HP color LaserWriter. A wonderful combination for catalogues, etc.

I hope I can get my list onto the labels. I don’t want to have to write out all the addresses.

Merry Christmas…Happy Holiday season…and Peace

In Word 2010 - File > Print > Settings > Pages Per Sheet > Scale to paper Size - ensure that it is set to No Scaling and the paper size is the size of the label sheet.

ALL documents use a template - by default the normal template. The label function uses the normal template, so if you have added a header/footer to that - then that’s your problem.

Avery Label stock is thicker than normal paper and may have a slippery backing that the rollers do not grip. Test by printing to plain paper and hold the paper over the label sheet.