Problem printing objects located outside of letter size limit in a form

I am not able to print objects in a form that are located outside the 8.5 x 11 inch ruler reference.

This is a simple way to reproduce it:

The red dotted line indicates the 8.5" x 11" reference.

This is the print that I get at 75%:

As you can see, the objects outside the dotted line are not printed.
It doesn’t matter if I define the page as landscape or portrait, or if I change the scale, nothing outside of the dotted line is printed.

I reproduced this in B29 and B31, and B32, on Mojave and Monterey.

This is correct operation.

Panorama only prints objects that are inside the data tile. If you don’t supply a data tile, Panorama will automatically create one for you that is 8 by 10, in the upper left hand corner of the form. The size of this automatically created tile does not adjust depending on the page setup.

I would recommend explicitly creating a data tile rather than relying on the automatically generated one. Then you can make it any size and position you want.

Thank you Jim. This makes sense.